Internal audits – risk management

Internal audits are particularly useful for helping companies develop their risk management, internal control, management and administration processes. Internal audits can also play an important role in identifying and preventing misconduct and developing areas related to sustainability. 
The scope and contents of internal audits are always tailored to the customer’s needs and shaped around their business activities. Internal audits can be carried out annually or as one-off commissions.

Our auditing services can be used to:

  • Identify risks affecting your company

  • Provide a comprehensive, high-quality assessment and analysis of risks affecting your company

  • Evaluate how your company should respond to the risks affecting it

  • Identify the real causes of faults, errors and other problems affecting your company’s operations using root cause analysis

  • Review and develop your company’s internal control environment, controls and processes

Our experts are experienced, independent professionals. We advise on all matters related to strengthening internal control, preventing misconduct and managing risks.