Tax advisory services

We serve our clients in a wide variety of tax-related matters. We are thoroughly familiar with the intricacies of tax legislation and understand the requirements associated with companies’ tax planning.

We provide consultation in situations concerning various tax types and prepare advance ruling applications and exemption applications. Where necessary, we prepare tax-related statements on behalf of our clients and handle appeal processes.

Our other tax services:

  • Assistance in tax audits

  • Preparing tax returns

  • Reviewing tax decisions

  • Tax advice relating to inheritance and gift tax 

  • Advice relating to prepayment and employer obligations


We support companies in planning and implementing restructuring efforts and generational transfers. We also help our clients with acquisition-related tax matters.

We always provide comprehensive, high-quality service. When dealing with acquisitions, we familiarise ourselves thoroughly with the situation to ensure any tax-related challenges are resolved in the most beneficial way possible.

It’s important to never overlook the need for due diligence, which make the acquisition process significantly easier!


Most companies are subject to value-added tax, and what you pay is affected by a number of regulations. VAT questions are an area we focus on and have significant expertise in.

We are also here to answer any VAT questions that non-profits, public sector organisations, financial institutions and other organisations with taxable and tax-exempt activities may run into.

Our value added tax services:

  • Questions related to domestic trade, such as VAT liability, right to deduct and determining the extent of how much a company is entitled to deduct for overhead costs

  • Particular considerations of construction and real property, such as VAT in construction for own use, sale of construction services and reverse charge VAT, sale and rental of property, as well as VAT on property investments

  • International trade situations, such as country of sale regulations, VAT liability and VAT registration obligations in Finland and abroad

  • VAT in various contracts

  • VAT reviews to identify VAT risks and rebate opportunities

Please also feel free to ask more about our tailored VAT training for your company.

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